What we think about war:

War is absolutely terrible and must be prevented at all costs; We deeply regret the immeasurable suffering that has been brought to humanity, especially from Germany. We must all therefore always be aware of our responsibility towards minorities and refugees in particular. Anyone who denies the atrocities of the Nazis and the crimes in which the Wehrmacht was also involved is a dangerous person.

We expressly distance ourselves from all right-wing and left-wing ideas and detest any kind of violence against other people!

But war and with it weapons, uniforms and equipment are made by people and are therefore always a part of our history. That's why there have always been and are topics and things that deal with war and also represent it. The figures shown here represent history from all eras - they are intended exclusively for collectors and model makers and are not propaganda items or children's toys.

Collecting figures and building dioramas is apolitical. The highest level of accuracy of the figures also brings with it the presence of badges (of all nations) from the different eras. However, this serves solely to provide a 100% accurate representation of history and is not a glorification, endorsement, justification or recognition of these eras or those involved.

We also expressly distance ourselves from any links to this page from other websites with extreme views. We do not agree with these links and the content of such websites, but unfortunately we cannot prevent these links!

Best regards
the action figure shop team

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