Dreamer - Female Agent

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Manufacturer: Dreamer
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Product information "Dreamer - Female Agent"

Dreamer - Female Agent - in 1/6 scale

Helena Mattsson from "Guns, Girls and Gambling"

Guns, Girls and Gambling is a 2012 American action crime thriller film written and directed by Michael Winnick. The film stars an ensemble cast, which includes Gary Oldman, Christian Slater, Megan Park, Helena Mattsson, Tony Cox, Chris Kattan, Powers Boothe, Michael and Eddie Spears, and Jeff Fahey. (C) Wikipedia

comes with:

1. Female head sculpture 1x

2. Body 1x

3. Hands 2 pair

4. Clothes 1 set (black spandex one-easy, arm-sleeves)

5. High heels long shaft boots 1 pair

6. Pistol w/ moving slide and magazin 2x

7. Magazin 2x

8. Belt 1x

9. Gun holster 2x

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