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Beretta 90 Two Pistole - (black)

Artikelnummer: ACIPT2-1

1:6 scale Weapon

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Beretta 90 Two Pistole - (black) - im Maßstab 1:6
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The Beretta 90-Two is a series of semi-automatic pistols designed and manufactured by Beretta of Italy. It was released in 2006 as an enhanced version of the Beretta 92, and is produced in 9×19mm, 9×21mm IMI and .40 S&W versions.The most obvious difference between the 92 series and 90-Two series pistols is the appearance; the 90-Two series have an "ergonomically enhanced" design, with a "technopolymer" interchangeable wrap-around style grip allowing users to choose grips that work better with either large or small hands. Also notable is a dust cover on the accessory rail of the pistol, allowing various light/laser accessories to be attached. Similar to the 92 series, the frame is constructed of a light alloy, and the slide and barrel are constructed of steel. The slide is also in itself a whole new design. The rough edges in the previous 92 models were smoothed out, for a more "snag-free" design. Included with the pistol is an accessory rail cover, which protects the rail when an accessory is not attached. Magazine capacities available for the 90-Two 9×19mm are: 10-round single-stack, 15 or 17-round double-stack; the 90-Two 9×21mm IMI: 15 round double-stack, the 90-Two .40 S&W: 10 or 12 round double-stack. The 90-Two also features an internal recoil buffer and upgraded sight points, with a 5 mm increased length between them.(C) Wikipadia

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