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Willys MB Jeep 1941 - 4x4 - R/C

Artikelnummer: Roc001RS

1:6 scale Vehicle w/ RC

Gewicht: 7 kg
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Willys MB Jeep 1941 4x4 - in 1:6 scale

Ready Set (RS) - Fully RC workable 1:6 scale Car - pre-build and painted.

RocHobby is proud to announce its latest creation, the 1/6 1941 MB Scaler:

2 years in the making, the MB Scaler is the result of dedicated research through countless historical photos and documentation. Dedicated to the soldiers who served with this legendary vehicle, the ROCHOBBY MB Scaler was designed to be the most accurate radio controlled MB on the market today. 

Scale enthusiasts will appreciate the detailed pre-painted and pre-assembled body, featuring functional lights, servo driven steering wheel and a fold-away windshield. Small features such as the fabric straps that hold the painted axe and shovel add to the realistic look and feel of the vehicle. The cabin replicates the real vehicle with micro-print instruction labels, gear levers and seating that fits 1/6th scale soldiers. 

Performance was not overlooked when creating the MB Scaler: a modern crawler chassis was chosen to retain the body-on-frame and solid axle design of the full scale MB. Oil filled shocks replace leaf springs to allow for axle articulation. Narrow wheels feature specially formulated high-grip tires with period-correct tread to provide maximum traction while retaining the scale look of the MB.

Don’t miss your chance to own one of the most iconic vehicles of the second world war!


- Length : 530,5 mm

- Width : 258 mm

- Height : 270 mm

- Ground clearance : 39,5 mm

- Wheelbase : 324 mm

- Departure angle : 22°

- Approach angle : 58°

- Breakover angle : 36°

- Motor : Brushed, 550 size, 35T

- ESC : 60A

- Servos : Steering waterproof 15kg metar gear servo, Steering wheel : 9 grams

- Radio : 4 channels pistol style transmitter, 4 channel receiver, 2,4 GHz FHSS

- ESC Connector : Deans (T-Plug)


- Realistic injection-molded body

- Body-on-frame design

- Servo-driven steering wheel

- Functional front and rear lights

- Fold-away front windshield 

- Injection-molded engine with functional hood

- Functional spare wheel

- Fits most 1/6th scale figures

- Optional canvas top

- Prepainted shovel and axe


- All-terrain 324mm wheelbase crawler chassis 

- True ladder-frame chassis design

- Grippy tires for true, all-terrain performance

- Beadlock wheels

- Oversized battery compartment

- Planetary gear reduction set

- Oil filled shocks


- 550 sized 35T motor provides fantastic torque 

- Fully waterproof receiver and Hobbywing 1060 brushed ESC

- 2.4GHz fully proportional compact radio system

- Dual channel EPA and reverse functions with digital trim


-1/6 1941 MB Scaler (ready build)

-2.4GHz Radio Transmitter and Receiver (ready build in)

-Motor (ready build in)

-Complete instruction manual

REQUIRES (NOT included):

-7.4V (2S) Lipo Battery with T-connector 

-Balance Charger

-4x AA Batteries for 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter

- No Figure, No Canvas Top and NO MG w/ Mount are included!

- The MG w/ Mount and the soft canvas top will probably be offered later by RocHobby and will be available from our shop if available.


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Video - Willys unboxing & first ride

Video - Willys in Action
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