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Tripod for MG34 - Yellow

Artikelnummer: E60069Y

1:6 scale Accessory

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Tripod for MG34 - Yellow - in 1/6 scale 

The product is for historic education purposes only and is not intended to glorify, nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war.

Text from DiD:

Glad to let you know that DID is releasing a 1/6 tripod especially for MG34. It is a steady rest for the gun and make it fire accurately at distance. There are two versions of the tripod, yellow (E60069Y) and green (E60069G), which can be applied to different landscapes and scenarios.

The tripod is mostly made of metal and includes an anti-aircraft shooting pole. It can be flexibly adjusted and converted to different shooting patterns according to the actual situation. The length of the tripod front leg also can be adjusted and with two supporting pads that are made of genuine leather.

Both versions of the tripod are also equipped with MGZ40 optical sight which allows the MG34 to cover a larger shooting range. And there is a detachable part on MGZ40 that can adjust the length, height and angle of the optical sight. It help the gunner to operate the MG34 in a comfortable position. The 1/6 optical sight can be either attached to the tripod or placed in the metal optical sight case. Also, the tripod can be compactly folded and easily transported by using two genuine leather shoulder straps to carry on the soldier. The 1/6 genuine leather straps are recreated completed based on the real one. For those who love MG34, you can’t miss out of this tripod. Just take it home and DIY more different scenarios with your MG34!!

comes with:

Yellow tripod for MG34 (metal + plastic)

Yellow MG34 optical sight (plastic)

Yellow MG34 optical sight case(metal)

Straps X 2 (genuine leather)

- Please note that MG34 machine gun and action figures that are shown in the images are NOT included in E60069Y or E60069G.


Figure & MG34 NOT included

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