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Diorama - "Star of Afrika"

Artikelnummer: E60060

1:6 scale Diorama & Accessory Set

Gewicht: 3.5 kg
Pre-Order, ETA: Q. 02.22

Diorama - "Star of Afrika" - in 1/6 scale

Attention: This is a Pre-Order Item. If you order this Item together with others (on Stock) Items, you will get your complete shipment after we got this Pre-Order Item on Stock. We do no partial shipping. - Only Full Payed Pre-Orders are accept definitely.

ETA: 01.Quarter 2022 - 02.Quarter 2022

The product is for historic education purposes only and is not intended to glorify, nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war.

Text from DiD:

To make the “Star of Africa” even more perfect, we have also created an accessory/diorama set for him, including his smiling face headsculpt, parachute, life vest, Luftwaffe officer white visor cap, tropical shorts, sock, BF-109 tail wing with his victory marking and his lovely dog. With the accessory/diorama set, you could not only get full gear for the flying ace, but also can DIY a diorama of the historical moment that he was standing on his BF-109 tail, showing his remarkable victory.

Marseille, the Star of Africa will shine even brighter with his accessories, BF-109 tail wing and diorama.

- Please note the cockpit and the Figure/body that is shown in the images are not included in E60060 -

Fullpart list:

1  Super realistic headsculpt with smile

2  German Luftwaffe officers white visor cap

3  Sunglasses

4  German Luftwaffe tropical shorts

5  German Luftwaffe tropical socks

6  Parachute

7  Dog with dog tag

8  Aircraft tail with victory marking

9  Platform

10 Hay

11 German Luftwaffe life vest


...and more Pictures of the Figure (80154) and the Diorama (E60060):

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Pre-Order, ETA: Q. 02.22
259,00 € Art. Nr.: 80154
Pre-Order, ETA: Q. 02-03.2022
249,00 € Art. Nr.: HL649
Pre-Order, ETA: Q. 02.22
259,00 € Art. Nr.: 80154
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