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The Godfather - Vito Corleone - Golden Years Version

Artikelnummer: DADMS033

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 3 kg
Pre-Order, ETA: Q. 1 2022

The Godfather - Vito Corleone (Golden Years version) - 1/6 scale Collectible Figure

Attention: This is a Pre-Order Item. If you order this Item together with others (on Stock) Items, you will get your complete shipment after we got this Pre-Order Item on Stock. We do no partial shipping's. - Only Full Payed Pre-Orders are accept definitely.

ETA: 2021 2022


Following the release of The Godfather protagonist, Marlon Brando's Vito Corleone (Formal version) 1/6 Collectible Figure, Damtoys is commemorating the remarkable achievements of The Godfather movie and the don's glorious life by announcing The Godfather Vito Corleone- Golden Years version Collectible Poseable Figure!

This item is packed with rich content. On top of the normal head sculpt, this comes with additional resting head sculpt with closed eyes; outdoor chair and coffee table, diorama base with interchangeable pavement, as well as sweater, newspaper, wine glass, wine bottle, oranges, shopping bag and more. These accessories can perfectly recreate multiple The Godfather movie scenes, such as being shot on the street, resting at the lawn, chatting with his son in the final courtyard scene, and more! The highly poseable body (over 30 joints) also allows collectors to pose him as in the movie for display.

DamToys added 1 additional Head to this Figure for free (see pics at the end)

Product Details

Product Code: DMS033

Product Name: The Godfather – 1/6 Vito Corleone (Golden Years version) Collectible Figure

Product size: 1/6 scale (height 32cm)

1/6 scale Vito Corleone Collectible Figure features:

Vito Corleone exquisite head sculpt x2

Vito Corleone resting head sculpt (closed eyes) x1

DAM poseable body (over 30 joints) x1

Three-piece striped suit x1

Tie x1

Suspenders x1

Socks x2

Coat x1

Sweater x1

Fedora x1

Fattening underwear x1

Hand x7

Leather shoes x2

Standing cat x1

Outdoor chair x1

Seat cushion x2

Lawn coffee table x1

Whiskey glass and bottle x1

Orange x2

Plate x1

Newspaper x1

Shopping bag x1

Lawn base x1

Interchangeable pavement part x1

 - Creators -

Producer : Frank Feng

Director : Niuyuan

Marketing : Niuyuan

Head Sculpted : Yun Chung

Head Painted : TC. Lee

Product Designer & Supervisor : Niuyuan

Costume Fabrication : 213B Studio

3D & Accessories : 213B Studio

Accessories Paint : 213B Studio

Package Design : Clint Lin

Photographer : Niuyuan

Editor of Photography : Niuyuan

Special Thanks :Big Tree, J. Chow, DN.Wong, Rui Fang, Hu, YX.Ho

The 213B Studio Design & Development Team

Manufactured by : Damtoys


pics of the additional added free head:

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