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The Song Dynasty - Big Song Bow Pickpocket

Artikelnummer: KLGKQ01

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 2 kg
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The Song Dynasty - Big Song Bow Pickpocket - Full Figure in 1/6 scale

Text from KLG:

In the Northern Song Dynasty, Shenzong invented the arm of the gods and had a range of more than 340 steps. It was powerful and could be entered into the elm. It is said to be more powerful than the Han Dynasty rhubarb, and other instruments are not enough to become one of the military weapons of Song Jun. During the Song Dynasty, Song Jun often faced wars with ethnic minorities in the north. From the Northern Song Dynasty, he lost the sixteen states of Yanyun in the north, lacking the land for producing horses. The Song Dynasty could not form a large-scale cavalry unit. Mainly, use the infantry to restrain the cavalry. Moreover, the Song Dynasty has always pursued a defensive strategic approach, which requires that there must be weapons to restrain the cavalry. Therefore, the armor began to climb the stage of history, and in the battle of the Xianrenguan, the Jinjun died and suffered heavy losses. End Yan Zongxi: "I am in the south, seeing the use of the military, the great man is only the arm of the arm, the second is a heavy axe, and there is no fear outside, and this is the case. The enemy's bow and arm are modified by Han Shizhong. The bows play a heavy role in defending the Song Dynasty's land, only because the arm of the gods is too important for the Song Dynasty. It is listed as a key military secret. The arm arches carried in the outer battle must not be left to the enemy, in case they are surrounded. The arm of the arm is destroyed, and once the arm of the arm is removed, it loses its usefulness, and no professional can't be assembled. With the demise of the Southern Song Dynasty and the loss of technical talent, the technology is slowly lost. The Yuan dynasty has been very afraid of such weapons. During its reign, it did not pay attention to its development. On the contrary, it was a restriction. By the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the early Ming Dynasty, firearms began to flourish, and the technology of the arm and the arm was further lost. In the long river of history! We are fortunate to refer to the "Wu Jing General" to restore its style.

Comes with:

Head Sculpt x1

Artculated Body in 1/6 scale x1

Hands x4 (pairs)

Metal scale Armor (includes 820 metal scales) x1

Broad Brimmed Hat x1

Short Sleeve Jacket x1

Scarf x1

Inner Shirt x1

Long Sleeve Shirt x1

Pants x1

Shoes x1 (pair)

Leg Wraps x1 (pair)

Travel Blanket x1

Bag x1

Faulds x1

Belt x1

Leather Belt x1

Armband x1 (pair)

Crossbow x1 

Metal Made Sword x1 

Sword Sheath x1

Bolts x10

Bolts holster x1

Hooks for sword x3

Calabash x1


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100% ausverkauft, nur noch im Museum gelistet
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