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The Royal Air Force Officer Tropical Uniform Set

Artikelnummer: EBRAFOfTrop

1:6 scale Unifom Set

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The Royal Air Force Officer Tropical Kit Set - in 1/6 scale

This brand new set from Ensign of Base is of outstanding quality and workmanship. Perfect down to the smallest detail. The woven badges, some of which are equipped with metal wire, are looking for their equal in 1: 6 - you have to hold it in your hand to see that they are really small originals.

In the Set is included:

-RAF Officer Peaked Cap (Below Group Captain)

-RAF Side Cap (Warrant Officer to Wing Commander)

-RAF Officer Bush Jacket

-RAF Tropical Trousers

-RAF Tropical Shorts

-Black socks

-Beige socks

-Black Oxford Shoes

Insignia included:

-RAF Officer Peaked Cap Cap Badge

-RAF Regiment Shoulder Title (Pair)

-RAF Pilot Wing

-RHKAAF Pilot Wing


-Navigator Wing

-Observer Wing

-Air Engineer Wing

-PARA instructor Wing

-WSO Wing

-RHKAAF Crewman Wing

-Pilot Officer Rank Slides (Pair)

-Flying Officer Rank Slides (Pair)

-Flight Lieutenant Rank Slides (Pair)

-Squadron Leader Rank Slides (Pair)

-Wing Commander Rank Slides (Pair)

-Warrant Officer Slides (Pair)

-Master Aircrew Rank Slides (Pair)

Note: Body and Head sculpt not included 

Remarks from Ensign of Base:

*Patches are designed digitally and woven with a machine and backed with self-adhesive.

*One-sixth scale collectable item, will not fit a human.

*Prototype shown, final product may vary.

*Product details are subject to change without further notice.

*This product is a collectible item. Only suitable for collectors above ages 15.

*Warning: CHOKING HAZARD, SMALL PARTS Keep away from children under 3 years old.


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