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Flamma - Gladiator of Rome

Artikelnummer: ACI111

1:6 scale Figure with Accessorys

Gewicht: 2.5 kg
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Gladiators were well-trained fighter with distinctive armor and weapons. They were mostly slaves or criminals who fought for their lives and freedom in a combat. Flamma who won over 20 times was awarded the 'rudis' to become a freeman, yet he chose to remain as a gladiator.

- 1. Newly developed muscular body, Andrew 1.0
Well-defined torso and limbs; Impressive muscle definition; Detail craved skin texture with prominent blood vessels and manifest pores; Strengthened joint for static stability.
- 2. Newly sculpted head with great detail. Every piece is professionally hand painted.
- 3. Authentic Myrmillo Gladiator Helmet (Material PVC)
With detail craved pattern at crest and a medallion at the front symbolizing strength and victory; Removable face guard; Feather-like decoration.
- 4. Foldable armor for shoulder, upper arm, and forearm. (Material: ABS)
- 5. Greaves: Leg armor (Material: PVC) with leather strap
- 6. Leather-like Torso Brace
- 7. Leather-like Chest Harness
- 8. Fabric Cushion (Battle Worn) gaiter and shoulder armor pad
- 9. Black Fabric Cloak
- 10. Fabric Gladiator Loincloth
- 11. Roman Shield Scutum (Material: ABS)
- 12. Gladiator Gladius Swords (Material: ABS)

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