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Otaku Caucasian Body 1 Ver. 2

Artikelnummer: TROtaku12

1:6 Figurenkörper (weiblich)

Gewicht: 1 kg
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The wait is finally over! Triad Toy's Otaku 1. Version 2 female body is here! Over a year in development and after numerous tweaks and mods, we are proud to present to you the first in the Triad Otaku series of bodies. Designed by Erik Barclay, Louie Tran and Shane Talbott, the Otaku body features a new form of translucent PVC fleshtone body developed particularly for this series of bodies. Those familiar with our DX series’ fleshtone will love the new Otaku body since it features the same style of detail and painting. The photos you see here are final product pictures and not prototypes.

Our first series of the Otaku bodies sold out in record time. After hearing everyone’s comments and feedback, we have made several tweaks and mods to the design to relieve stress at the joints, refined the type of plastic for more durability, refined the head painting and the body painting as well so the second series of Otakus are better than ever! Don’t miss out again by pre-ordering early this time!

The Otaku 1.Version 2 female bodies features:

- 20+ points of articulation
- 1 Newly Sculpted Female Head (sculpted by Shane Talbott) with Japanese Saran Hair
- 1 Otaku Female Body (sculpted by Erik Barclay)
- 1 Pair of Pistol Grip Hands (both left and right grips)
- 1 Pair of Fist Hands
- 1 Pair of Relaxed hands
- 1 Bikini Top and Bottom
- Features magnetized feet for Triad's new "Bullet Time" series of stands (coming soon)

Heads, hands and feet will be compatible with all of Triad's Evalution and Alpha as well as most other female figure bodies manufactured by Takara, BBI, and other female bodies. Triad Toys makes no warranty that all items/products produced by other manufacturers will work perfectly with its products so please purchase this product at your own discretion.
Weiblicher Figurenkörper im Maßstab 1:6

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100% ausverkauft, nur noch im Museum gelistet
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empfindlich - aber sicher der coolste girl-body wo gibt - halt wie bei echten girls...