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Sword Heroes Of Nationalist General

Artikelnummer: PTex10

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 2 kg
100% ausverkauft, nur noch im Museum gelistet

Sword Heroes Of Nationalist General / Three Sets Of Clothing - im Maßstab 1:6 (ca. 30cm groß)

The POPTOYS team designed the figures based on the classic war TV drama. The product includes three sets of interchangeable clothing. The character in the classic model is restored perfectly. We try to show the soldier’s bright and brave to who love this character, so we design these suits for 12 inch figure. In order to be more convenient for you to play, we put two sets of soldier clothing with two bodies into box after matched well. As we all know, the character processed from the film and television drama, not the real existence in history. So we decided to design this figure based on the television play. Hope you can understand.

Comes with List:

Head *1
Body *2
Armed belt *1
Messenger *1
Is *1 (containing alloy blade sword scabbard, material)
hanging with sword *1
Gun *1
holster *1 (including 5 Alloy bullets)
Mud colored army coat *1
American uniform *1 (uniform jacket buttoned, badges, material of alloy; chest slightly)
American Uniform Pants *1
Cap *1 (insignia made of alloy)
Shirt *1
Tie *1
Leather shoes *1
Blue uniform *1 (buttons, insignia on collar made of material)
Blue pants *1
Blue circle cap *1 (insignia alloy material)
White shirt *1
Leather boots *1
Chinese long jacket *1
Black pants *1
Black hat *1
Black clothing shoes *1
Cotton shirt *1
Pistol *2


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