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Gangsters Kingdom - Club K - Hong Wu

Artikelnummer: DAMGK020

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 3 kg
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Gangsters Kingdom - Club K - Hong Wu - in 1/6 scale

Figure series of the ultimate gangsters which uniquely elaborates the respective traits of the gang members. This series is characterise by very good quality and loving equipment down to the smallest detail. This time the role model is the actor Sammo Hung.

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Text from DAMToys:

Chapter 6: The Club Family - Chapter 4: Peace is the most important thing

Dragon emerges through fire, and tiger borns by the water

Hong Wu is not named after the reign title of the first emperor of Ming Dynasty; being a fat child, his father gave him this name, hope that he would practice and carry forward Hong’s martial arts. His family arrived in the United States in the late 70’s, but his father kept hovering in the outer rings of the Triads(a.k.a Hong Men, or Vast Family), due to the complicated relationships within. After his father’s death, Hong Wu has made much contribution for the gang, but without supports, he never got the position he deserved. In the meantime Neil’s gang was facing a rebellion and in dire need of foreign aid, so Hong Wu decided to join Kojiro and bring his men helping Neil solved the problem. After his restoration, Neil invited Hong Wu and Kojiro to a brotherhood ceremony out of gratitude, imitating the Three Kingdoms story. They created the Spades family. The three leaves are a symbol of them joining veins, hearts and live. Showing his good faith, Neil regulated that only the Chinese and Japanese members could be in power to intervene with family affaires; the seat of K of Spades were taken in turns by men of the two nations, specifically speaking, Hong Wu and Kojiro, for the past 25 years. Under their leadership, the Spades family absorbed many small gangs over time and kept growing, and eventually sat on an equal footing with the other three colours. Halfway up a hill to the west of New York sits a villa; this is Hong Wu’s residence. Yao Tian leads Ogier through two courtyards and into a quiet and spacious house, where several bodyguards routinely search Ogier for weapons and let him pass. They then enter into an antique hall, and inside which an overweighed old man sits on a vintage chair. Ogier wants to walk a few steps towards the old man, but a huge Tibetan mastiff bursts out from the rear and steps in; the scary monster roars at Ogier, and it will not give away his master. Ogier does not shrink either; he stares at the monster and slowly walks towards it. It seems that no one would step down. “Ogier, you haven’t brought your killer face today, this won’t scare him off.” “Back off Tigerhead, this is my guest”. Hong Wu pats on the dog’s head. “He’s too old to eat me”. Ogiers says, without stopping his feet. Hong Wu smiles and weaves his left hand toward a side table, where a tea formation is already set up. [“Tea formation” is a protocol widely used in the Triads in the form of a tea party. There are four main purposes: try out, ask for help, visit friend, and combat.] Hong Wu sets up the wood formation, to probe. [Setting up: placing the pot and one cup inside the tray and another cup outside the tray, to try if the other party is a friend] [Solving: move the outer cup into the tray, then hold up and invite the host to drink] Hong Wu says, [“There is nothing more important than the brotherhood. Now you are visiting my home, are you a brother or an outsider?”] Ogier moves the other cup into the tray, then rises the cup, and invites Hong Wu. They drink together. He then pours tea into Hong Wu’s cup, then places the pot spout pointing the cup. This is the single-horse formation, meaning asking for help. [Setting up: pot and one cup, pot spout against the cup] [Solving: drink directly if willing to help; dump and pour another cup then drink if not] Hong Wu picks the cup, drinks it all and says “ [“So lonely you have suffered enough to come here, but don’t worry, for we will help you with whatever you are after.”] “My daughter Jane has never forgotten you; after all you two had a past. She has visited before you came and asked for my help. I will pay back her debt. But after this we don’t own each other.” Finished his tea, Hong Wu gently returns his cup back into the tray.


The Dog (NOT included in ths Set) is available in three different colors:

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