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Synthetisches Menschliches #2

Artikelnummer: TC-M1006

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 4 kg
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Comes with:
New body
Head of Deer
Two pairs of Hands
Uniform of WH
Winter Camouflage Suits
Combat Suspenders
Kar98k Ammunition Pouch
Kar98k Sniper Rifle
Folding Shovel
Bread Bag
Diorama Piece

Hand-drawing Poster of MEI XUEBENG
Limited Hand-drawing postcard of MEI XUEBENG (with signature of designer)

From the Artist:
Mei Xuebeng was born in Lapp Norway, located in Scandinavian Mountains. He was indifferent and inconsiderate. His mother died of chilliness and hunger due to snow damage in the second year of his life. In his childhood, his father was press-ganged by Black Legion and then nothing was heard of him. Before the fifth synthetic human experiment, the Black Legion identified the so-called blood typing of every nation, discovering substance of deer blood in Lapps’ blood so that they drafted, by force, Lapps boys aged between 7 and 12 to do experiment. However this experiment failed and 4000 Lapps boys died. Only Mei Xuebeng survived precariously. In the early days, he was regarded as the rare fifth-generation synthetic person without faults. Actually he suffered minor Schizophrenia. His secondary personality was his brother who died in the synthetic human experiment. His secondary personality fully came around when he was chasing See Mosar. A surge of hatred of the Black Legion flowing in his heart, he joined the defected army of See Mosar. His responsibility was to guard the secret base located in Scandinavian Mountain. The secondary personality of the dying Mei Xuebeng woke up, then he became a bloodthirsty and manic man, having a self - destructive streak.


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