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Vasily Zaitsev - WW II Red Army Sniper - NO weathering

Artikelnummer: 80139B

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 1.5 kg
Pre-Order ETA: 03-04. Q. 2019

Vasily Zaitsev - Russian WWII Sniper - Stalingrad 1942 - Rote Armee - in 1/6 scale

B-Version = same Figure and same Accessoriess like A-Version - but with NO weathering -

Attention: This is a Pre-Order Item. If you order this Item together with others (on Stock) Items, you will get your complete shippment after we got this Pre-Order Item on Stock. We do no partial shippings. - Only Full Payed Pre-Orders are accept definitely.

ETA: 03-04. Quarter 2019

One of the 2 ultimate 2 Figures from the movie: Enemy at the Gates by Jean-Jacques Annaud, which premiered in cinemas in early 2001. It deals with the duel of two snipers, a  Russian and a German, during the battle for Stalingrad in 1942. 

The product is for historic education purposes only and is not intended to glorify, nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war

Text from DiD:

- Super realistic headsculpt

- Soviet telogreika jacket 

- Soviet  Plash-Palatka 

- Mosin–Nagant M1891/30 sniper rifle with weathering burlap wrap

- Soviet Trench periscope with weathering pouch

comes with:


1 Super realistic headsculpt

2 Body

3 Open palms

4 Relax palms

5 Palms for holding Rifle


6 Soviet Pilotka cap

7 Soviet ushanka hat

8 Soviet SSh40 helmet

9 Soviet telogreika jacket

10 Soviet M35 Gymnastiorka Tunic

11 Trousers with suspender

12 Long-sleeved shirt

13 Soviet  Plash-Palatka

14 Belt (genuine leather)

15 Fingerless Gloves

16 Puttes

17 Boots (genuine leather)


18 Soviet Trench periscope with weathering pouch

19 Soviet gas bag

20 Ammo pouches x 2

21 Canteen with weathering pouch


22 Mosin–Nagant M1891/30 sniper rifle with weathering burlap wrap

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