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Sinful Suzi

Artikelnummer: PL2019-150

1:6 scale female Actionfigure

Gewicht: 3 kg
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Sinful Suzi - 1/6 Scale Action Figure

SINFUL SUZI walks the line between sin and temptation, faith and redemption.  With a heavenly smile and devilish curves, she can fulfill your dreams or haunt your nightmares.  Be prepared to pay her price if you dare summon her.  Designed to test a man's deepest convictions, she will teach you the true meaning of 'a devil's bargain'.

Having first appeared in Joseph Michael Linsner’s SIN BOLDLY (2013, Image Comics), Sinful Suzi will soon return in her own mini-series.  There she will try and bargain with the devil for a path out of Hell.  The Devil tells her that after she collects 1,000 souls, she can return to the life she had before she was wrongly sent to Hell.  But can she trust Satan to live up to his end of the bargain?

SINFUL SUZI was created and designed by artist Joseph Michael Linsner

Packing List:

1)        1 x head sculpt

2)        1 x TBLeague 1/6 female seamless body with metal skeleton

3)        3 pairs x interchangeable hands

4)        1 x one-piece costume

5)        1 pair x leather sleeves

6)        1 pair x knee-high boots

7)        1 x three-pronged spear

8)        1 x dungeon model as a base (a demon prisoner & ornamental skull model)

*When assembled, the base is one solid unit with a removable skull.


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