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Mariya Oktyabrskaya - WWII Soviet Tank-Fighter - Standard Version

Artikelnummer: FP005A

1:6 scale Actionfiguren

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Mariya Oktyabrskaya - WWII Soviet Army Tank-Fighter Woman - in 1:6 scale

- Standard Edition -

Text from Facepool:

“I will fight for you, my love...!”

Mariya Vasilyevna Oktyabrskaya (Russian: Мария Васильевна Октябрьская; 1905 –1944) was a Soviet tank driver and mechanic who fought on the Eastern Front against Nazi Germany during World War II. After her husband was killed fighting in 1941, Oktyabrskaya sold her possessions to donate a tank for the war effort, and requested that she be allowed to drive it. Her request was granted. She was trained for five months to drive and fix a T-34 medium tank, which she named "Fighting Girlfriend" ("Боевая подруга"). Oktyabrskaya proved her ability and bravery in battle, and was promoted to the rank of sergeant. After she died from head wounds from battle in 1944, she was posthumously made a Hero of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union's highest honor for bravery during combat. 

Inspired by this heroic and romantic story, after one year of research and design, Facepoolfigure is proud to release this 1/6 scale collectible figure “Fighting Girlfriend”. The head sculpture is originated from a few limited records of Mariya. Her clothing and equipment are based on those of soviet tank crew during the late war period. With this figure, we hope to start a series of products based on real historical events. We invite all collectors and history buffs to discover history with us. 

The normal version of the product includes a smiling head sculpture, tanker leather jacket, Russian accordion and other tank crew equipment. 

comes with list:

Smile Head Sculpture 

Female Body with Hands

TSh-4 Tank Helmet with Communication Devices

Russian Accordion

Russian Tanker Leather Jacket 

Russian M43 Uniform

Fattening Suit

Real Leather Boots 

Real Leather Belt

T33 Pistol with Moving Parts


Russian Canteen and Bag

Tanker Goggle

Side Cap

Tanker Gloves

Repair Wrench

Document Bag

Soviet Union Guards Medal

Order of the Patriotic War

Senior Sergeant Shoulder Insignia

Captain Shoulder Insignia


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