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Kara - Detroit Revolution

Artikelnummer: VT-VM31

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 2 kg
Sofort lieferbar

Detroit Revolution - Kara - Action Figure in 1/6 scale

Text from VTS-Toys:

The future is in front of us.

CyberLife, a world-renowned android manufacturing company from Detroit, USA, not only provides android for government agencies but also focuses on our daily life. Today, Cyberlife brings its latest housekeeping android AX400, codename: "Kara".

Cyberlife is committed to providing families with a friendly, gentle, and efficient housekeeping android. AX400 is perfectly qualified for this goal. AX400 not only has a nice appearance, perfect clothes but also provides you with a perfect service. Preorder now, we will also provide discounts...... "Wait, why are you hurting Alice! Stay away from her!" "I’m sorry, Alice." "After we cross the border, we can start over. You can go to school, maybe I will find a job." "As long as we stay together, that is all that matters."

"This is a story about a little girl, who was tired of being afraid, she dreamed of being like all the other girls, but deep down, she knew she couldn’t. Then, she met a robot and the robot was not happy, so they decided to run away together to find a better life. They encountered many dangers along the way, but they were so brave and escaped all of them. On the way, they met a Gentle giant, who promised to protect them. And the ending of this story is up to us, Alice."

Comes with:

Head& Body:

- Silver short hair head sculpt

- Light brown long hair head sculpt

- Highly posable body

- 4 exclusive hand types include:

- A pair of holding hands

- A relaxing hand

- A gun holding hands


- Beige gradient long sleeve sweater

- Dark blue jacket

- Gray pattern shirt

- Leggings

- Belt

- Exclusive shoes


- Detachable Magazine Handgun

- Openable box

- Silver scissor

- The car ticket

- Golden key

- Transparent special effects

- Paper products

- Exclusive base


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