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Iron Man III - Silver Centurion (Armor Suit Up version)

Artikelnummer: MMS618D43

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 3.2 kg
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Hot Toys - MMS618D43 - Iron Man III - 1/6th scale Silver Centurion (Armor Suit Up version) DieCast Collectible Figure


~ Movie Masterpiece Series~


“You’re right, we do need back up.” – Tony Stark


Facing down his adversary, Iron Man primes his cutting-edge armor to discharge high energy lasers in Iron Man 3. Known by its code name as the “Silver Centurion”, Iron Man Mark XXXIII is an Enhanced Energy Suit engineered by Tony Stark with more powerful repulsors. It was activated along with all the other suits when Tony ordered to initiate the “House Party Protocol”. Recreates one of the extraordinary armors from the Iron Legion, today Hot Toys is proud to present Silver Centurion (Armor Suit Up Version) as 1/6th scale collectible figure from Iron Man 3 collection. Features specially designed armor parts simulate the real time suiting up process and to illustrate its mechanical beauty. Exquisitely crafted based on Silver Centurion in Iron Man 3, the diecast figure features a newly painted helmeted head sculpt with battle damage effects; a newly designed helmet head with LED-light up function and detachable mask; armor suit skillfully painted in crimson red and silver coloring with a metallic appearance; intricate design of the armors translating its complex structure and mechanical details; LED light-up functions scattered throughout the arms, legs, Arc Reactor on chest and back; a pair of diecast forearm blades, interchangeable hands, and a figure stand. This one-of-a-kind armor will certainly make a powerful addition to your Marvel collection!


The 1/6th scale Silver Centurion (Armor Suit Up Version) Collectible Figure’s special features:


- Authentic and detailed likeness of Silver Centurion simulating suit up process in Iron Man 3

- One (1) battle damaged Tony Stark helmet head sculpt with authentic likeness of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark

- One (1) helmeted head with LED light-up function and detachable mask (power operated)

- Movie-accurate facial features with detailed beard, wrinkles and skin texture

- Approximately 32 cm tall

- Contains diecast material

- Special features on armor:

- Multitude layers and shades of metallic red and silver-colored painting on armor

- 10 LED light up points throughout parts of the armor, such as Arc Reactor, chest, back, arms and legs (white light, power operated)

- Magnetically attachable armors parts

- Specially designed Silver Centurion armor parts, simulating suit up process, including:

• One (1) chest armor

• One (1) pair of shoulder armors

• One (1) pair of forearm armors

• One (1) pair of thigh armors

• One (1) pair of knee guards

• One (1) pair of calf armors

- Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands including:

- One (1) pair of pair of hands with articulated fingers and light-up repulsors (white light, power operated)

- One (1) pair of battle hands with light-up repulsor (white light, power operated)

- One (1) pair of fists

- Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted



- One (1) pair of forearm diecast blades (attachable to forearm armors)



- One (1) themed figure base with movie logo and character name plate


*Prototype shown is not final, pending licensor approval

**Helmet head: Battery included for helmet head, button cells are required

***Figure: Light up function operated using USB power

****Product details are subject to change without further notice


© 2021 Marvel. © 2021 Hot Toys Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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