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Lucius Duccius Rufinus - Römischer Standartenträger

Artikelnummer: KP007

1:6 scale Actionfigure

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Lucius Duccius Rufinus - Aquilifer/Vexillifer - Legio IX Hispana - Circa 60 A.D. - Roman Invasion of Britain
700 Pieces Limited Edition - only !!!
Aquilifer and vexillifer were among the principales, which means legionaries with special tasks: tactical or representative ones. They were immunes, exempted from heavy services, the munera, and they received a richer salary than simple legionnaires. The helmet is highly customizable . You can choose between the normal conformation, with large hinged cheek-pieces, or the version with the mask. Helmets with mask were employed in the period, mainly by cavalry, probably for parades; nevertheless the use by important personalities of the Legion cannot be excluded. Some archaeological finds testify mask helmets richly embossed with splendid decoration. To cavalry again belongs the little round shield. It was typical among auxiliary troops, cavalry, but also standard bearers used to carry it. It could be buckled on the back, to have both hands free. The choice of the bull symbol, painted on the shield, is related to the fact that this animal was often associated with the legion. The lion's skin is a detail always appreciated, especially by reenactors. It is, however, very difficult to understand, studying the soles pictorial sources, the very way this equipment was worn. The high symbolic value has made ancient artists emphasize lion head visibility above the helmet. It is, however, a position that would compromise the fit, given that the neck of the lion is not so long. We should, however, imagine the lion's skin as in the typical ancient representations of Heracles.
There was part of the animal's head and it could be attached to the helmet, but it is unlikely it would have covered it completely.
Comes with/Highlights:
New headsculpt
Helmet - Imperial Gallic Model I (Die Cast - Magnetic Plugs)
Face Protections (Die Cast)
Equites Mask for Vexillifer (Die Cast)
Sword - Gladio (Die Cast)
Dagger - Pugio (Die Cast)
Small Shield - Parmula (Plastic)
Armour - Lorica Hamata - Chain Armour (Special Fabric)
Pteruges - Leather vest (Leather)
Red Cape
Sandals - Caligae (Leather)
Trousers - Bracae
Red Tunic
Red Scarf - Focale
Armored Belt - Cingulum Militare (Leather + Details in Die Cast)
Aquila - Legionary Eagle Standard (Die cast + wood)
Vexillum - Flag (Die cast + wood)
Male Lion Skin + Lion Head
Bonus: Female Lion Skin (lioness), without head for Auxiliary troops
Beispiel Bilder von Vettius-War-Dioramas

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