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Celadus - Thraex - Rom - Gladiator

Artikelnummer: KP0001

1:6 scale Gladiator Figure

Gewicht: 3.5 kg
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Celadus - Thraex - Pompeii, Italy, circa 79 A.D.

The Thraex (pl. thraeces), or Thracian, was a type of Roman gladiator, armed in the Thracian style with small rectangular shield called a parmula (about 60 x 65 cm) and a very short sword with a slightly curved blade called a sica (like a small version of the Dacian falx), intended to maim an opponent's unarmoured back. His other armour included armoured greaves (necessitated by the smallness of the shield), a protector for his sword arm and shoulder, a protective belt above a loin cloth, and a helmet with a side plume, visor and high crest.

He and the hoplomachus, with his Greek equipment, were usually pitted against the murmillo, armed like a legionary, mimicking the opposition between Roman soldiers and their various enemies.


1. Newly developed muscular body, "Realistik Body" KP01A
2. "Lifelike" head sculpture with "state of art" paint.
3. Thraex Gladiator Helmet based on Pompeii (Italy) original model (Die-cast Metal)
4. Armoured leg protections "Ocrae" based on Pompeii original model. (Die-cast Metal)
5. Thraex curved Sword "Sica" (Die-cast Metal blade)
6. Fabric Cushion gaiter and shoulder armor pad
7. Leatherlike Arm guard "manica" and belt
8. Thraex Shield "Parmula" (plastic)


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