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Harp Bullseye - Army Attractive 03

Artikelnummer: OEAA03

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 2 kg
Wenige Exemplare
1:6 scale (ca. 30cm) weibliche Actionfigur - Comic / Anime Character

Harp is genetically copy from Viola, same as Sunayuki. Harp was the USA character . She is the best sniper and also has a green eye like viola and Sunayuki. She was lost in a mission and also her contact with her USA base, so she has been staying in the church with the nuns. During her mission, she accidentally met with Viola while she was defeated by Cello and Harp took her back to the church.

Comes with these parts:
Female Body (enhanced Version)
Harrp´s Head
a pair of butterfly on ancel
a pair of highheel
a hat
a coat
a short pants
a pair of glove
a belt
a cloth
a m82a1
a comic book

About the Body enhancement:
The Marginal Adaptability of the body's jonts has been improved, that allows joints hidden better under normal closed condition. The bady shows beside is one of the finished product, the improvement bady will be able to apply form  "Hasuike Sunayuki"   Canceled the meaningless moveable Chest part of the bady. For better quality supervision, surface required go through the manual processing, leaving no waste and reduce the probability of occurring problems in process of production. Most importantly, is to enhance the intensity of the joints of the body.

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