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Demithyle - Court of the Dead

Artikelnummer: 3A-TZ-3Z02010W0

1:6 scale Actionfigure

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Demithyle - Court of the Dead - in 1/6 Scale

"Only Death and his Court of the Dead can save us from the savage war between Heaven and Hell that is eating up the souls of mankind. " 

Based on an all-original design by Sideshow, threezero are proud to introduce the 1/6 Demithyle fully articulated figure from Court of the Dead.

Demithyle stands approximately 16 inches (~40.6cm) tall with 35 points of articulation. The Demithyle figure also comes with pauldrons, breastplate, vambraces, faulds, skirt, cloak, grieves, boots, and eight pieces of interchangeable hands. Equipment includes the Crytmourne sword and a scythe.


Detailed head sculpt

Unique Demithyle body 

Approximately 16 inches (~40.6cm) tall

35 points of articulation




“Chainmail” shirt








One (1) Crytmourne sword

One (1) scythe

Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable hands: 

Three (3) pieces of relaxed hand

Three (3) pieces of holding sickle hand

Two (2) pieces of holding Crytmourne sword hand

Materials:  ABS, PVC, POM, Fabric

Court of the Dead, related characters and logos are registered trademarks of Sideshow Inc. used under license. ® and © 2021 Sideshow Inc.

※ Final product may vary from prototype images.

⚠ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — This is not a toy. This product contains small parts, and is intended for ages 15 Years +


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