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CrossFire - Double Agent Zero

Artikelnummer: VC-CF04

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 2.5 kg
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CrossFire - Double Agent “Zero” - in 1:6 scale

Aus dem Tencent Game "Crossfire" bringt Very Cool den sexy Character Double << Agent Zero >>. Das sexy Babe kommt mit Game-Authentischem Outfit, Zubehör und Bewaffnung.
Text from VeryCool:
Actually they are special and key members trained by intelligence agencies of various countries, but lead normal people’s life in normal time, all their capabilities and relevant memories hibernate in their consciousness deeply and will never wake unless being triggered when receiving special order. Once their special capabilities being awakened, not only relevant memories along with fighting experiences will come back to them, but also their physical function will enhance rapidly which will generate matchless combating capability.  They can appear and disappear in a way avoiding being detected by others which was described in legend of their deeds that has spread widely among mercenaries on the world. “I am nobody else, I am Zero”  

Product List
- Emulational head sculpture
- Very Cool joint female body
- Natural hand-shape Gloves(1 pair)
- Hold shape gloves(1 pair) 
- Fist shape gloves(1 pair)
- Hook shot glove for right hand
- Cream color blouse (dropped waist styles)
- Dark khaki skirt
- Black underwear
- Black knee-high
- Leather combat boots
- Long sleeve arm protection*2
- Leather arm protection*2
- Dark red leather sundries bag
- Student style backpack
- Cold weapon-dagger 
- Leather dagger case
- Leather hanging at back of waist
- Bear ornaments
- Smiling face ornaments
- S belt
- Tie 
- Hair band
- Kneecap
- Glock G17 pistol 
- Clip for Glock G17 pistol
- Leg Holster for Glock G17 pistol
- MP7A1 sub-machine gun
- MP7A1 Clips*3
- Double clips package for MP7A1 sub-machine gun 
CrossFire Copyright Notice:  
Statement of Cross Fire’s Copyright: the intellectual property of this product’s prototype (Cross Fire, the picture of Cross Fire and other related game material) is belonging to Smilegate Company.
Tencent Company has acquired the authorization from Smilegate Company and allow Hong Kong VERYCOOL Model Toy Company to produce and sell Cross Fire’s action figure products. All the products in the market which are not produced by VERYCOOL or don’t have Tencent Company’s anti-fake label are pirated products. Please support the official legal edition!  


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