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Aset Goddess of Magic - Black Version

Artikelnummer: PL2021-185A

1:6 scale Actionfigure

Gewicht: 3.7 kg
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Aset Goddess of Magic - Black Version - 1/6 Scale Action Figure

In the first millennium BCE, Osiris and Isis(Aset) became the most widely worshipped Egyptian deities, and Aset absorbed traits from many other goddesses. Rulers in Egypt and its neighbor to the south, Nubia, built temples dedicated primarily to Aset, and her temple at Philae was a religious center for Egyptians and Nubians alike. Her reputed magical power was greater than that of all other gods, and she was said to protect the kingdom from its enemies, govern the skies and the natural world, and have power over fate itself.

Packing List:

1)  1 x head sculpt

2)  1 x TBLeague 1/6 scale female seamless body with metal skeleton

3)  1 x Egyptian headpiece

4)  1 x high-collared top with feather decoration 

5)  1 pair X rings for upper arms

6)  1 x belt with sash decoration

7)  1 x skirt

8)  1 pair x feet in sandals 

9)  1 x ankh

10) 1 pair x  lower arm armor

11) 1 pair x lower leg armor

12) 3 pairs X interchangeable hands

13) 1 x machete knife

14) 1 x base with holder

15) 1 x sceptre with a detachable end 

16) 1 x detachable open wings

17) 1 x covering piece for the holes on the back

18) 1 x underpants

19) 1 x cloak


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