Curtis - 3. SS-Panzer-Division MG34 Gunner

1:6 scale Actionfigure
Pre Order - ETA: 1.Q.2018 Weight: 2 kg

Curtis - 3rd SS-Panzer-Division MG34 Gunner - Figure in 1:6 scale

Text from DiD:
* Full adjustable metal MG34 anti-aircraft tripod mount made up with over 50 parts
* Metal MG34 spare barrel with barrel case
* Wood & Metal K98
* MG34 anti-aircraft spider sight

Attention: This is a Pre-Order Item. If you order this Item together with others (on Stock) Items, you will get your complete shippment after we got this Pre-Order Item on Stock. We do no partial shippings. - Only Full Payed Pre-Orders are accept definitely.

Pre-Order, ETA:
01. Quarter 2018

The product is for historic education purposes only and is not intended to glorify, nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war

Comes with:

1   Super realistic headsculpt
2   Body
3   Open palms
4   Palms for holding gun

5   M42 Uniform
6   Trousers
7   Camo smock
8   M35 helmet w/ inner liner and camo cover
9   Grey gloves
10 Grey scarf
11 Y straps and Belt
12 Gaiters
13 German Army ankle boots (brown)

14 MG34 spare barrel with barrel case
15 MG34 Anti-Aircraft tripod mount
16 MG34 Anti-Aircraft spider sight
17 Gas mask canister
18 K98 Mag pouch x 2
19 Canteen
20 Bread bag

21 K98 rifle
22 K98 bayonet with scabbard and sheath

23 Collar tabs X 2
24 Wound Badge in black
25 Sleeve eagles x 1
26 Sleeve Chevron  x1
27 Black cuff title


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