Bastogne 44 - 101st Airborne Divison

PRODUCT 128 OF 147
Soldier Story
1:6 scale Actionfigure
no longer available Weight: 1.2 kg
M1 helmet w/netting and chin strap (metal)
Cap Mechanic, Winter Type A-4
M43 Uniform set
Under Shirt
Winter Glove
M43 Double Buckle Boots
M1936 Pistol Belt
M1936 Harness
M1928 Haversack
M1910 Metal Water Canteen w/ Pouch
M1910 Metal Shovel
M1910 Shovel Cover
M6 Gas Mask Carrier
M1911 Pistol Leather Holster
Pocket Magazines
M1942 First Aid Pouch
M1918 Trench Knife
Machete w/cover
MK2 Hand Grenade x 1
M1911 Pistol
M1911 Pistol Magazines x 3
Handie Talkie
5 Cells Magazine Pouch
M1A1 Thompson (wood and metal)
30 rounds Magazine x 1
20 rounds Magazine x 1
Bullets x 10 (metal)
Bendy Hands
Road Sign (Wood)
New and Improve S2 Narrow Shoulder Body 

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