Celtic Warfare - Chieftain

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Kaustic Plastik
1:6 scale Actionfigure
Ready for shipping Weight: 2 kg

Celtic Warfare - Chieftain - in 1:6 scale

Text from the Manufactor:

We improved many many things over our old productions!
1) The hands are soft and can be plugged without the need of the hairdryer
2) The sculpt paints are 100% improved
3) The Shields are made in REAL WOOD! So they are made with a light material and 100% craftmade!
4) We have a new LOVELY Chainmail!!!! Made in 3D and printed on soft silicon, as you can see it's simply PERFECT!! So no more Chainmail made in nylon fabric, here we have a PERFECT replica of a Celtic Chainmail!

ETA: 1st. Week in August 2017

Comes with:

- Headsculpt
- KP04 Body + 8 Hands + 1 Pair of arm
- Shirt
- Leather armour
- Armour thorax protection (Metal)
- Wood Shield with Wolf decoration  (Real Wood and Metal)
- Brown Pants
- Light Brown Cape with Silver decoration (Metal)
- Red Pants
- Bronze pointed helm (Villanovan Style)
- Sword (Metal)
- Dagger (Metal)
- Wild boar bronze Banner
- Boar bronze Trumpet (Carnyx)
- Leather wristband
- Neck Ring (Torque)
- Brown Leather Shoes
- Stand


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