Brit. Welbike Scooter

1:6 Metall Modell

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The Welbike was a British single-seat motorcycle devised during World War Two for use by Special Operations Executive (SOE). It has the distinction of being the smallest motorcycle ever used by the British Armed Forces. Between 1942 and 1945, 3853 units were built and although it was not much used by the SOE, many were issued to the Parachute Regiment and used at Arnhem during Operation Market Garden.

The range of a Welbike on maximum capacity of 6.5 pints of fuel was a respectable 90 miles at about 30 mph. For para drops, the Welbike was packed into a green metal parachute container with the rear wheel to the base of the parachute canister, which had a percussion head to minimise damage on landing. Once it hit the ground all that was needed was to twist the handlebars into position and lock them on spring-loaded pins. The saddle was pulled up and the footrests folded out ready to push start the two stroke engine and ride into action. The aim was that a paratrooper could remove the Welbike from its container (which was marked in white lettering with the words Motor Cycle) and its easily identified coloured parachute, and be on the road within 11 seconds.

Toy Model's Welbike has been painstakingly reproduced in 1:6 scale out of metal and plastic components and can be broken down into the drop cannister (also included) for additional display opportunities. Parachute and action figure not included.

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