Cross Fire - Defender of the Fox Legend

1:6 scale Actionfigure
Wenige Exemplare Gewicht: 2 kg

Cross Fire - Defender of the Fox Legend - Action Figure - in 1/6 scale

Aus dem Tencent Game "Crossfire" bringt Very Cool eine weitere sexy Figur << Defender of the Fox Legend >>. Das sexy Babe kommt mit Game-Authentischem Outfit, Zubehör und Bewaffnung.

With their clear eyes, neat short hairstyle, graceful postures, voluptuous figures, sharp thoughts and nimble actions, their appearance has again made an impression. They have hardly undergone any training, but they always finish each and every mission perfectly. They are the Fox Legend, which disappeared a long time ago. Beauties in this organization are good at different kinds of weapons, and they cooperate well; but in order to avoid hand-on confrontation with their arch rival the Fox Hunters, they usually work separately and only show in group once in a few years at some special time. Fox Hunters and other outside organizations must be on guard against them. Rumor says they will appear in group again in 2010… They are a special group. They can band together to defeat all irresistible powers. They can resist stress from any group and keep moving forward. Their very appearance has brought along the arrival of new fashion.

Product List:

  -Imitated hair-planting head sculpt *1
  -Tattooed seamless female body with PH steel frame and rubber coating *1
  -Mazarine battle dress
  -Lace garter belt
  -Red underpants
  -Red bra
  -High heel leather boot
  -Fox legend badge *1
  -White sundries bag *1
  -Natural hand-shape Gloves(1 pair)
  -Hold shape gloves(1 pair)
  -Fist shape gloves(1 pair)
  -Hook shot glove for right hand
  -AWM sniper rifle
  -AMW sniper rifle butt 
  -AWM sniper rifle cartridge
  -AWM sniper rifle sight
  -P226 pistol
  -P226 pistol clip *1
  -Assembly type wooden box *1
  -Box cover army cloth *1

CrossFire Copyright Notice: 

Statement of Cross Fire’s Copyright: the intellectual property of this product’s prototype (Cross Fire, the picture of Cross Fire and other related game material) is belonging to Smilegate Company.
Tencent Company has acquired the authorization from Smilegate Company and allow Hong Kong VERYCOOL Model Toy Company to produce and sell Cross Fire’s action figure products. All the products in the market which are not produced by VERYCOOL or don’t have Tencent Company’s anti-fake label are pirated products. Please support the official legal edition!  COPYRIGHT©1998-2016 TENCENT.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. COPYRIGHT©Smilegate Entertainment. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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