Travis Cole DX2 Set


Exclusives Figuren-Set von Triad Toys - Exclusive nur 100 Stück weltweit. Das Set enthält einen Atemberaubende Kopf sowie die Bekleidung mit Zubehör, aber keinen Figurenkörper.

The long-awaited return of the Triad DX line is here! Continuing the line of our limited collectorÙs grade sets, Cole is hand-painted in-house to perfection by core Triad staff and are strictly limited to 100 sets only. As these are character extensions to our outfit sets, once the sets are sold out, we will not be reproducing them again. All sets are hand-numbered.

Travis Cole, aka "The Hollywood Hitman" is a Gunn For Hire associate. A former Navy Seal, Cole quit the military and moved to Hollywood to pursue his acting career. But as he quickly finds out, Hollywood is no place to be for struggling actors and performers and that his measly pay for small roles wasn't paying the bills. Cole turned to what he does best - killing - and joined the Gunn For Hire agency. Cole has become quite a celebrity in the murder-for-hire industry, pulling off jobs that sometimes mirrors scene-by-scene his action sequences from his Hollywood blockbusters. Clients even request Cole to recreate certain scenes from their favorite Cole films when requesting a hit!

Cole DX includes the following items:

1 Cole Headsculpt:
Sculpted by Shane Talbott, Cole is hand painted with various layers of skin highlights and is sealed with professional paint sealants. Head is made to fit a variety of bodies including Sideshow Toys, Hot Toys, Dragon (DML), Dragon in Dream (DiD) and Blue Box Toys (BBI) G1 bodies among others.

1 White Cotton Dress Shirt with Working Buttons and Pockets

1 Black Tie

1 Black Inner Vest with Working Buttons and Pockets

1 Black Trousers with Working Buttons and Pockets

1 Black Suit Jacket with Working Buttons and Pockets and lined with Satin

1 Black Leather Belt with Metal Buckle

1 Pair Black Socks

1 Pair Real Leather Shoes:

Please note these are real leather with real laces!

1 XM117 Rifle

PLEASE NOTE this is an action figure accessory set and it DOES NOT come with a body. All DX Sets are numbered on the packaging and numbers are shipped randomly so we cannot fulfill any specific number requests. PLEASE ALSO NOTE that any other items not specifically stated above to be included in this set, including but not limited to the body, hands, weapons, accessories, sunglasses, motorcycle, guns, swords, harnesses, packs, or any other accessories pictured, are not included in this set.


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